Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Job, a New Season and an (almost) New Year

After a year at my most recent job, I decided to, upon a girlfriends urging apply elsewhere. Somewhere where I wouldn't have to commute as far, would not have to work on the weekends and would be a move toward the less customer facing direction. Thanks to that recommendation, I now have a GREAT new job that is truly a hybrid. I get to continue to interface with clients a few hours a day and the rest are send managing a few awesome gals and making sure our clients are taken care of from the back end. I got my own lap top and a phone and it's official. I feel like a big girl. Did I mention I now get to focus on training a bit more?!! That was a major benefit of me taking the job. Oh that, and the fact that I can now commute by bike and have one of THE best masters programs in the country less than 2 miles away from my work doorstep...welcome Hailey to Stanford masters swimming. If I thought Santa Clara was slightly intimidating (and I grew up swimming), take it to the next level and you have Stanford. that being said, EVERYONE has been incredibly welcoming and it is so good to see good friend Jess there.

My first week of training is this week and I think I am finally ready to get back to the real work. I have been swimming and TRX'ing and riding a bit since Kona, but I have done NO running and the rides have been very short. I believe that after a 10 month season this is truly what does my mind and body the best. Although it leaves me a bit chubby- I can't seem to curb my food cravings during the off season! Transitioning to the new job in the off season is the best possible scenario as well, it left me time to get adjusted to a new schedule, the new route to work...all of those things that you can't be bothered with doing when heavily training.

So as we head in to Christmas and New Years, the training has begun and I have been working with my coach/husband on planning next season. New Orleans 70.3 or the Napa HITS half distance will likely be my season opener in April and then we have Ironman Texas on the schedule as a big race in the hopes of getting back to Hawaii for the third time. After that there is lots more planned with hopefully a mid season break watching the TDF and riding some of the course. Hill training anyone? Combine that with some french wine and bread and you have a vacation from heaven.
I have been lucky enough to be a TYR athlete for another year and I couldn't be more excited. Have you seen the Freak of Nature wetsuit? It came in its own briefcase...and beyond that it is rumored to be mind blowing in the water. I'll report back on that one soon. But seriously, it is amazing to have TYR on board for me again this year and if you haven't swum in one of their wetsuits, you need to. They are that good. Christmas from TYR Santa is good! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!