Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Friday Deals #3

So many deals, so little posting space!  I think this is my third installation in Black Friday Deals from some of my fave #supersupporters  Since Black Friday turns into all weekend long, these deals are still live and are THE BEST prices you will find on this gear.  Yes, these are all my sponsors, but earth to people...I wouldn't promote the product if I didn't absolutely LOVE it.  Feel free to ping me if you have questions on any specific product!  

1.  NormaTec- Best pricing of the year...$150 off right now & free shipping PLUS if you use my code COEUR100 for $100, that is ADDITIONAL.  Your legs will thank you, I promise!  Can you say wine in hand while legs are being compressed?  Pfft...who does that?!! #seriousathletesthatswho

2.  Inside Tracker- I've written a blog on this amazing service here if you use code THANKSCOEUR you'll get $200 off of their Ultimate test.  Use the link here to take you directly to their page- code is live through Monday the 27th.  Anyone who uses this code will be entered to win one of four Garmin Forerunner 935’s.  

Every blog needs at least 1 pic...

3.  Coeur Sports clothing...obviously!!  The best, the most fashionable and the LEAST chafing.  Leading to many happy kitties.  30% off through the weekend using code TURKEYDAZE  Tell your significant other what's on your list and have them BUY, this is the only discount we do each year!  

4.  BT Nutrition- Famous for using the amazing Dr. Stacy Sims' science, this is what I have been loving over the past year for hydration.  The pineapple flavor is my fave!  This is hydration in your pockets and is NOT sugary so none of that mid-race stomach bloat.  Use CYBER17 for free shipping on all orders over $75.  

5.  Enve Composites- These wheels have been on my bikes for the past 4 years and I couldn't be happier.  No getting blown over in cross winds, nope, these wheels are super stable and you can get cool decals in pretty much any color to match your bike&kit.  #priorities  These guys are offering a free kit with a wheel set purchase, and they have some pretty good looking kits right now.  They're also offering 20% off of soft goods- and they still have their Kona tee available, so if you missed out...

6. Roka- OK, too many deals here to list them all...but the Mav X wetty would be my recommendation if you need a new wetsuit and right now, it's 40% off!  A $900 wetsuit down to $540...and goggles are 25% off too, my jam is the F1 in cobalt.  No code needed, pricing is on the site right now!

7.  Barnana- Organic, non-GMO training fuel?  Yes, please!!  These guys have been fueling me (and Mark when he steals from my stash) for years and the coconut is still my fave.  All natural, and no sugar added.  These tasty bites will keep you moving on long rides and runs.  Use code CyberWeek25 for 25% off as well as free shipping.

8.  HoneyMoon Ice Cream- Fave flavor is coffee caramel.  YES.  And if you are a plain Jane fan, the vanilla is superb.  I like the mason jars that this scream comes in and I reuse for my cold brew and dream that I'm eating ice cream instead!  Use code IceCreamMakesItGood for 20% off.

9.  Aloha Collection Splash Proof Bags- These bags keep dirty laundry off of your clean clothes while traveling, exploding makeup during a flight from going everywhere, wet swimsuits contained post swim while it sits in your car all day long while you work and not make everything smelly, and most fun, keep sand out of your stuff while at the beach.  30% off right now using code HOLIDAY Spend more than $50 and shipping is on the house.  

10.  SBT Extreme- Suspension Training, done right.  These guys have been helping me keep my hammy right and I rely on this trainer heavily when I travel and have limited access to equipment.  40% off and free shipping this weekend using code black40

11.  Sound Probiotics- keep your gut healthy and perform better.  This has been a daily part of my routine this past year and my tummy is thanking me!  No code that I know for these guys, but it's worth it!  

12.  Hawaiian Spirulina- Yes, it's GREEN, which means it MUST be good for you!  Spirulina boosts your immune system and improves cardiovascular health.  Who doesn't need that?! I take it in pill form, as the taste of it blended into drinks is one I have yet to quire.  Free shipping on orders over $75

That's It!  Now go out and #treatyoself and have a great start to your Holiday's!