Monday, February 25, 2013

Walking The Line

In the hopes of "putting it all out there" so that others don't think..."man am I crazy" or maybe I really am on my own here here are some thoughts I've been having in my last build up to Ironman Los Cabos, AKA margaritas on the beach with friends.

I often find with a few weeks to go till an Ironman the almost uncontrollable urge to shut it all down and head for the local Diry Queen.  "Forget it, let's not race" the mind says...let's just go sit on the couch watching all of the Oscar films you didn't see (that would be ALL of them) and eat ice cream. Racing is hard and scary...go take a nap instead".  This happen to you at all?   

BFF's and reinforcements
Thankfully in these hard times, you can call in for reenforcements.  Lean on those around you that are in the saem boat, or have gone through EXACTLY what you are goign through.  I was fortunate enough to get Sonja on the line last week, and she tells me I am not, in fact crazy.  PHEW!  I am lucky enough to get to train with a truly great friend, Jess a few times a week, mostly during critcal sessions so this also helps to keep me honest as well as know that I am not alone in having those "life would be so much eaiser if..." thoughts.  And this weekend I was lucky enough to have another bestie visit.  Kebby came up from San Diego to see all of the beautiful Nor Cal scenery and as her reward, I drug her to Home Depot and IKEA and made her hang blinds with me.  See what an amazing pal I am in return?

The Muscle Milk crew to the Apres Swim/pre run Rescue
It was an AWESOME weekend filled with sunshine, friends and lots of high quality training.  And folks, the hay is in the barn.  I'm raching Escape from Alcatraz this Sunday in order to remember what racing feels like...although I think it's gonna feel COLD when I jump into the San Francisco Bay in early March...I'm sure I'll be thinking warm thoughts and peeing in my wetsuit throughout the swim to keep warm.  And then in just under three weeks time, I'll be toeing the line in Mexico at my first international Ironman and I am EXCITED for this race.  It's been over two years since I have done a different Ironman course, so the unknown has got me pumped up.  AND so many friends will be out on the course with me, that I can't imagine an unfun day out's Mexico people!!  Did you say aid stations serving margs? 

Are YOU getting pumped for your first race of the season?!!