Monday, March 14, 2011

11 Weeks to Ironman Texas

So in just 11 weeks, I will have done my third Ironman ever. I'll be sipping mojitos in The Woodlands with friends telling war stories of the days events. But tomorrow we begin the deep dive into training...not that I haven't been training hard but now we start in on time trials, big bricks and long runs. Thank God I got my rest during this past rest week.

My mom was in town after going to Hawaii with my sister and her family to Kauai and they got back to CA just the day after the tsunami hit Hawaii. nervous? Yes, so much so that when I found out as I was on my way to o'dark thirty masters practice that I phoned my madre around 2:30 Hawaii time. The woman doesn't party like she used to, I definitely woke her! But the fam is OK, back safe and sound, no worse for the wear. So we hung out, I rode with my sister for the first time since she got pregnant (Thanks Adie!!) and we ate good food and enjoyed each other. She leaves on Wednesday and I am back to work!

I'm sitting here writing as Mark is sick and coughing up his lungs, while working tirelessly on DODOcase and their launch for the iPad2 case. I have lots to look forward to though, we leave for the Tour of Flanders next week and I am over the moon excited. Opportunity of a (cycling) lifetime, I am hoping to kiss Tom Boonen! We will ride the amateur "ronde" the day before the race and then watch and party with Belgium's the next day. We have signed up for the epic, full course f 250 k's, as Bob Roll would say and I am prepping for an epic day on the bike. Long, most likely raining and full of cobbles. The Scott Addict will be so happy! While there, I will continue to train for Texas and we will visit family in London. I also plan on doing a bit of non workout wear shopping at Topshop. This will be great.

So my bags are packed for tomorrow's track night and the bike is on the trainer for intervals in the morning.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gearing up For 2011...Here we GO!!!

So it's been a LONG time since my last blog, so let's just call this the beginning. 2010 was amazing, I did my first Ironman and managed to qualify on that great day for the Ironman World Championships. This was another great day, so much so that I am now training again for an Ironman in May, this time in Texas in the hopes to get to go back to Hawaii for the second time in as many tries.

The road to 2011 started after a much needed 6 week vacation from training after 70.3 Worlds in November. That race was not what I was looking for as a way to end the season, but I just think back to the awesome day in Hawaii and that tides me over. It really does help to have such good memories to call upon during tough sessions or mornings when sleeping in sounds much better than getting up and heading to the pool!

I am back this year as the captain for Team Pacific Bicycle's womens squad and I couldn't be happier with the shop. Dave (shop owner) and all of the guys are incredibly helpful for any of my bike needs and they keep me looking good all season long on the roads. I am also pleased to announce that I am working with TYR this year, so be on the lookout for my reviews of their products that I am eargerly week will be like Christmas when I get the package!! Gel Ladder continues to be my product of choice for carrying my nutritional needs on the bike, really what a simple and efficient product! Off the bike, DODOcase keeps my Kindle protected so that I can travel with as many books as I like...check them out!

Training has been going very well and I have even told coach Mark that "I think I can handle a bit more" which he responds, let's just continue on the path we're on and see how that goes, OK? Well we will get to see how it goes on April 17th at the season opener The Reservoir Triathlon in San Jose.

Promises to blog more this year and tell stories from the road. Looking for ward to seeing you all out there!