Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling Like Christmas in March

After some very hard work, I have successfully gotten sponsorship from TYR this season! I am so over the moon with this development, that I must talk about it. I have been wearing TYR since it came out- I am aware this may date me a bit. I still wear the old faithful of goggles, the TYR Race-Tech even though there are many other high tech options available. But now I have THE most advanced wetsuit and skinsuit on the market in my arsenal of speed weapons! And socks and t-shirts and tattoos too :) I feel so special. And I can't wait to test the Hurricaine out next weekend at the Reservoir Tri here in the South Bay for my season opener. Now let's just hope my fitness can keep up with my wetsuit!

I am actually excited about the swim as I have changed masters programs this year with the moving south and am swimming at The Santa Clara Swim Club, yes that club where early on in my days there I hear in the locker room "Laura, congrats on your world record" to the lady in the next lane over (OK, she's two lanes over, but we go on the same send off). So with all of the world record holders and pros in the vicinity, I have been pushing myself to swim faster than I think I ever have. I am pumped to see what has come of all of this training and early morning goodness!

Pics to come of the new wetsuit in action on the 17th at the Reservoir Triathlon.

Next report will be of the Tour of Flanders, my quest to kiss Tom Boonen and our epic 155 mile ride through the heart of Belgium.

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