Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TV Coverage, A New Bike and A New Sponsor

I figure since I don't have a race for another few weeks, I will blog about the OTHER exciting things going on in my life...there are so many!

Like any good tri geek, I am always DVR'ing any triathlon. Thank goodness for Universal Sports and their coverage of all non mainstream sports. Want to catch a marathon...all 26.2 miles of it? This is your station. Want to catch each day of the Giro D'Italia? Again, look no further. So, naturally this is THE place for all things triathlon. Ironman Texas was in for the first time this week and I had my DVR set to go...who knows maybe I'll see some folks I know. Coach Mark had some days off for his birthday and called me at work. Guess what? Full frontal of me in my HOT team kit ripping (or trying to rip) up the run! And Phil Ligget commentating! How exciting. For all two seconds that it lasted, I felt like a celebrity. In fact, I've replayed it several times just to verify it really was me. Indeed, it is. Exciting thing numero uno. Check!

Exciting thing numero dos? Mark recent;y got an Argon 18 road bike to replace his 15 year old Serotta...He likes to keep things for a long time and treat them right. I of course got on said new Argon 18 to see what it was like. I think my exact quote was "ohhhh I want one!"...this was pre-Ironman Texas. Mark tells me if I qualify for Kona again then I too can have a new TT bike from Argon 18. This was a small thought for me on race day. As soon as I knew I qualified I texted coach to ask if he had already ordered my new ride. It arrived this week along with the Sram Red grouppo and it's almost ready to ride. A few more cables and a fit session with M and we'll be ready to rumble. Plenty of time to get it used to me before Vineman!

And last but not least in exciting things in Hailey's life is the addition of my newest sponsor, Synergy/Gray Designs for all things wheels. This sent me over the moon. I had been on the hunt for a company that represents high quality goods and has a large focus on their athletes. I found this in Gray and am so thankful to Jason and the whole team. I will have my wheels later this week and can't wait to test them out with my new ride. I'll tell you all about them as soon as I get that first ride in. I feel like a kid at Christmas, and her birthday and all the other gift giving occasions wrapped into one.

Training is going well and I've been taking advantage of stops in the sun to enjoy my favorite mid ride snack of Coke and some potato chips! The heat has also been turned on here in Mountain View and I have had some awesome sessions in the heat. This is all money in the bank for Kona.

Next up is more prep for Vineman, shaping up to be a show down not only for the pros, but also for the age groupers...there will be some MAJOR talent there! Looking forward to seeing all my gals.

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