Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Weeks

Three weeks ago I was in Hawaii racing the finale of my season, the Ironman World Championships. Three weeks ago today I was celebrating a near sub 10 hour finish among the best competition in the world. Three weeks ago, I was celebrating with some of my most cherished friends and family over lava flows and mojitos. Three weeks ago, my "off" season began. So where does that leave me now, three weeks later? Mark and I celebrating at the Fairmont
The 2011 season went better than I could have imagined, but it went as I knew it could. This already has me thinking to the 2012 season and what "can be" for me next year. Some wise coaches say that you have to have a plan in place to make your dreams come true, otherwise they are just that...dreams. I have been begging Mark to put a plan together for 2012 and to plan the races out and he tells me to " patient", you are not even supposed to be THINKING of that yet. "Later", he says. Can you tell we're have an age gap, and I am the eager beaver and he the wise sage? Mark Racing Cross:
So what have I been doing in the three weeks since Kona? I have been making up for lost time with special girlfriends who only know what I tell them about triathlon and that I am "crazy", sleeping so much that I am actually waking up on my own, rested and ready to go! I've also reversed the roles with Mark and have become Super Supporter at the local cross races where he has been getting fitter and faster each week...with the exception of this week since he took a digger and sliced his knee open...guess he just wants to match the scar I have from years ago taking a digger while running along Crissy Field.
What haven't I been doing since Kona? I haven't been running,that's for sure. I had a nagging Achilles going into Kona and I am determined to come out of the off season with a happy body, ready for the work ahead for the 2012 season. So that means, building back up the strength again with TRX...lord how I have missed that pain! And biking in the sun and trying to keep my Kona tan...we'll see how long it lasts.
Pretty soon, my off season will be over and it will be time to move onto the hard work ahead. But for now, I will continue to enjoy the less structured days and see how much fun I can cram into a small space of time.
See you on the road soon!


MissFancyPants said...

You had such a great season! Enjoy your off-season!

Colleen said...

Hi Hailey! I'm so glad that we connected on FB. What a small world to know that you are from Delaware! :) Enjoy the off season and looking forward to seeing what next year brings for you!!!