Friday, January 20, 2012

60 Ways To love Your Mother-Becky turns 60

SO my mom turns 60 on the 22nd, so for a birthday present, since the woman has all that she can need, I decided to think of 60 things that she has done for me over the years that show just how awesome she is. I thought this idea up tonight as I was headed out on a run...who knew I could get creative! So here goes my list, some things will be spectacular and others will seem insignificant. But over 30 years my mom has continued to be an amazing lady who I love more than anything. It should be noted that my dad was there for most of these things so he is just as SPECTACULAR!
1. Becky Meets Bob at Ohio State 2. Becky married Bob 3. They had my sister Adie (best sister ever)4. They had me, duh this had to be on the list! 5. She raised us in a small town that let kids be kids with no locked doors at night 6. She put me in a pool at the age of 5 so I could be like my big sister and thus began my swimming career 7. She loves exercise more than most and taught us that it was really important and a great way to burn stress 8. She came to every swim meet/soccer game that I ever had...if she missed any I certainly can't remember it 9. She waited until after I gained 15lbs one summer from Wendy's to tell me she thought I might have been pregnant 10. She never kicked me out of the house, even though I was a bit of a challenge a the age of 16
11. When I was in 2nd grade and really LOVED the color black, she was OK with that and let me roll my own way 12. When I hated school as a kid, she tried not to get too upset with me but called me on my shit in her own way 13. She was at my very first triathlon in 2004...a Tri for Fun that I did in a swim suit, run shorts and an extra 20lbs 14. She enabled me to go to college and enter the real world with no debt 15. After college when I lived outside my means, she bailed me out of debt 16. When I wanted to major in Fashion merchandising she said OK after I told her all the jobs I could have 17. When I dated an alcoholic, she was supportive and never tried to push until I was ready 18. She smoked a cigarette with me (not really cool, but kind of is- haven't smoked in 6+ years) 19. Came to Kona for my Kona debut in 2010 20. Came to Kona 2011..all the way from Ohio people, yes it's a great place but that's a LONG way to watch a race!
21. Knows how much I love Lululemon and buys it for me way too regularly 22. Is always happy for me 23. Gives way more than she receives 24. loves me more than most moms...she is very sad that we grew up and moved out! 25. Loves my husbands family 26. Loves my husband even though he has told her to "calm the fuck down" before 27. Taught me how to ride a bike 28. Showed me that I was built for endurance by taking me on a double century at the age of 12 29. Reminds me still that I used to complain about the "hills" in Ohio...they are more like overpasses now 30. Worked a 2nd job when we were in high school so that we could have everything that we needed and more

31. Taught me to be a hard worker, not a complainer 32. Puts no pressure on me to have a baby, says whatever I want is cool 33. Doesn't think that I'm a lunatic for wanting to turn pro in triathlon 34. Visits us so often and doesn't really complain that I don't often go to Ohio 35. Helped me buy my first car, a Honda CRX and let me install speakers in the back...oh yeah baby! 36. Created famous words "it's just a 20 mile loop" when it never is! 37. Used words like douchebag when she had to drive, she hates to drive and bad drivers make her nuts, can't she be out on her bike instead? 38. Loves my sister and I tremendously and never took sides 39. Didn't protest when we wanted only Nuclear family at our wedding 40. she always asks me how training is going
41. she gets excited by long rides like the coast ride and wants to do it herself! 42. Let me wear swim suits EVERY where when I was small 43. She cooked real meals for us all of the time and got me on the road to the eating habits I have today 44. Swam on the Kona swim course with me even though the open water freaks her out a bit 45. Reassures me when I am not confident that I can do what I set my mind to 46. Celebrates all of my victories and assures me when I have a bad day that it is just that, a bad day47. Walked me to and from school all the time when I was small 48. Taught me that the bike is the best place to have a meaningful conversation 49. Took us on a cross country road trio when we were small and let us enjoy the US by car. 50. Gave us a roll of coins on said trio and took money away each time we asked "are we there yet?!"

51. When I go through a phase, she doesn't mock or make fun, she gets behind me and tries my beet juice! 52. Learned how to use Skype, Facebook and texts so that she could keep up with us all the time 53. Tracks me each time I have a race and calls me right after to see how it went 54. Loves my friends and reminds me how valuable they are55. Wore my sponsors gear and temporary tattoos to show her support for me at Kona this year 56. Takes me to get Smurf ice cream when ever I am home, even if it's every day I am there 57. Has always let me be me, shows me the other options but let's me do my own thing 58.She taught me to tell it like it is and not be sorry for that 59. She has no filter 60. Taught me to work hard for what I want

And there you have it, 60 Ways to love your mother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mama!!! We will celebrate LIVE and in Person in two weeks time when Becky comes to CA for a visit!


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Beth said...

What an awesome post. I'm sure it means more to your mom than any material gift! Sounds like you have a keeper! (hey, maybe I'll go visit her...Ohio is so close to us... :)

MissFancyPants said...

This is an awesome post! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Colleen said...

WOW!!!! That's absolutely awesome. She sounds like a spectacular woman and I hope that she has a fabulous 60th! :)