Thursday, February 5, 2015

100 Things about me...

WOW- I am very late to this party, and not sure how many of you will make it to 100...but this was a fun exercise and if nothing else, that is worth it! Thanks to the ladies before me who got this going!
  1. I'm a Leo and couldn't love the summer more...if I could life half the year in the Northern hemisphere and half in the South, always being in summer, I would be over the moon.
  2. I smoked for the better part of a decade
  3. Smoking is the only thing in my life that I regret
  4. I have (only) one sister who I used to cling to so much, she called me a jelly bean, I still love her that much.
  5. I met my husband at a bar.  The next day we went to a bike race together and the rest is history.
  6. If I could only do one sport for the rest of my life it would be riding my bike.
  7. My mom gave me the gift of loving fitness and the woman still swims/bikes and walks every day of the week.
  8. My mom and stepdad have been to every Kona...5 in a row, hoping they like the island as much as I do.
  9. Honu...for the peace they represent, they are my fave animal
  10. other fave animal, again, quiet giants, so lovely and HUGE.
  11. My husband is my coach and it works...for the most part
  12. I majored in fashion merchandising and somehow ended up working at a bank
  13. I hate to be cold, would rather sweat my booty off than be slightly cold
  14. Steam rooms/ them, see again, #13 regarding heat
  15. Mark and I rode the entire Tour of Flanders course in 2011 and it was one of the best days on the bike I've had...all 165 miles of it!
  16. I grew up in Ohio and knew I would eventually live in New York or San Francisco
  17. I moved to SF as soon as I graduated college
  18. Before I got serious about triathlon I weighed 20 more lbs and those pictures now make me cringe
  19. I love vocal trance/dance/house music
  20. Heavy Metal makes me want to hit things and makes me irritable
  21. I hate walking as a mode of is just SO slow
  22. When I was younger, I thought I would surely have kids before 30...I met my husband at 29 and fell in love with triathlon...still no babies!
  23. My hair was boy short for years...and is not naturally blonde
  24. I can't do raw fish...major texture issues
  25. I've bonked so hard in a ride that I've picked up food off of the ground
  26. If Mark is away and I'm all by myself, I will go through the house before bed and search for "monsters and bad guys".
  27. I look forward to Kona every year and dream about going back.
  28. I hate being told NO, or you CAN'T...I will move heaven and earth if you say this to me to make sure I CAN and YES
  29. I'm stubborn....see above
  30. I have a small problem with designer shoes and handbags
  31. I love beauty/body to try new stuff and sometimes hoard it
  32. I hate piles of paper but don't know what to with stuff so it just ends up in a pile that I then move from room to room looking for a permanent home.
  33. I would ride flats and gradual inclines ALL day over climbing hills
  34. I live in the Bay Area so the above is not possible...we climb all the time
  35. If I swim on my own, I will do the same 3k set that I have done since college. Boring!
  36. Whole milk lattes
  37. I don't like coffee at all
  38. The first time I went to the UK, I told my husband it smelled like "wet dogs"
  39. I only like chocolate milkshakes made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup...not chocolate ice cream.
  40. I still have the very first "real" road bike my parents got for me in 8th grade...The Blue Schwin of Destiny!
  41. My sister and I used to ride a tandem together on really long bike rides, and I may or may not have used her shirt as a tissue.
  42. Best book I've read is Atlas Shrugged
  43. Best book I've read recently is "Where'd you go Bernadette"...hilarious, thanks Mom!
  44. I lived in 4 different apartments within a block radius in San Francisco over 3 years
  45. I'll pick salty/fatty over sweet 9 times out of 10
  46. Rainy/grey weather depresses me
  47. I won't ride my bike in the rain any more
  48. I am a rule FOLLOWER and get mad when rules that apply to me aren't consistently applied
  49. I'm trying to give less f@#k's
  50. I'd rather be with other people than alone
  51. But I won't spend time with people I don't one has that much time
  52. That being said, I will never be mean to someone
  53. Mean people suck
  54. Dopers suck
  55. I think there are WAY more age groupers doping in sport than anyone wants to believe/acknowledges
  56. I like to lead and really don't like to follow (close friends are laughing)
  57. Big training makes me feel like I've lost brain power and I feel stupid sometimes in heavy builds
  58. I'm not a creative, but I can execute on almost anything I'm given
  59. I'm amazed most days by the wonderful people sport has brought into my life
  60. Olive oil and salt on ice cream should be illegal it's so good
  61. When I get excited (often), I talk even louder than normal...sorry hubby!
  62. After being with a Brit for 10 years, I know have a degree in British Speak and can translate for you if you are unclear on certain words.
  63. You should never eat an entire bag of fresh cherries for fear of total GI destruction
  64. The triathlon seed was planted early; my mom did one and I saw Kona on the TV and told my mom and sister we could do a relay...who want's to be the runner?!!!  NOT it!
  65. I love slowcooker meals, something about getting home and dinner is ready feels SO good
  66. My nickname is Hailes or Hai
  67. I'm left handed but do almost everything right handed, kicking balls, cutting things...
  68. I'm obsesses with short nails and a good shelac polish on them
  69. Race day nails...always!
  70. I like to play the lotto occasionally...the money you spend on the ticket is never going to win you anything, but it lets you daydream for a bit and that's fun
  71. When I asked Mark to give me a suggestion for one of these items he said "you're bat shit effing crazy!"
  72. He also brags about me to people, but never so I can hear it...God forbid I get over confident!
  73. Favorite fruit are strawberries, cherries not so many that #63 occurs and nectarines
  74. I work with a ton of incredibly smart women and that inspires me daily
  75. Red wine over white and California wine over anything else #homestatepride
  76. I got married on a Caribbean island with only 19 other people
  77. My ex and still dear friend came to the wedding and the teasing of me by he and my husband was unstoppable
  78. Fave long ride snack is coke and a bag of chips
  79. Fresh sheets and old tee shirts have the same smell and I love it- smells like home
  80. I'm OK to have wrinkles on my body and love a tan, but never let my face see the sun/wear tons of zinc as I don't want a wrinkly face
  81. I believe plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures are A-OK...whatever makes you smile
  82. My first job was as a lifeguard...full on rule enforcer in effect!
  83. I drive an electric Fiat and I call it my golf cart...
  84. I would never jump out of a perfectly good plane
  85. We drove cross country when I was little and it is still one of my most vivid and wonderful childhood memories
  86. I would be comfortable/prefer being in a swimsuit all day every day
  87. I hate shopping for bargains and am terrible at sifting through stuff for a "deal"
  88. I am incredibly efficient
  89. I hate being late and it makes me anxious if I think I'm going to be late
  90. If you're consistently late, that tells me you believe your time to be more important than mine
  91. Sunday Dinners with our friends are my favorite time of the week
  92. I get great joy from others finding fun in fitness
  93. I try to be mindful that not everyone wants to talk tri/nutrition/how far I rode this weekend and shift the subject quickly
  94. I can't do triathlon/anything well unless I have balance with still having fun in life
  95. I don't care about any mainstream sports...thankfully neither does Mark
  96. The oppression of women in our own and other countries deeply disturbs me
  97. The most important thing to me in my marriage is that we're on the same team #teammanning
  98. I want to go to Africa and visit with elephants in their natural habitat
  99. I want to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  100. This was easier than I thought it would be!


Lectie Altman said...

such a fun game to play! glad you joined in!

The Hippie Triathlete said...

Loved reading this, Haley! It's so fun to see how friends are different/the same in so many funny ways. I think they'd be fun to do every year. Ditto on #3, 6, 36, 89, 95. Can't wait to try the olive oil + ice cream + salt!

Monica said...

Way late on reading this, but I LOVED it!! I love reading people's 100 things, and this was awesome :-) The one about talking even louder when you're excited... I actually emailed that to my boyfriend because he called me out on that once a while ago, and now he gives me a look every time i get all excited and start getting loud. Esp if I do so right next to his ear. Glad I'm not alone!! And Olive oil and salt on ice cream?! That sounds amazing.


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