Saturday, August 6, 2011

Racing and Training....Kona is a comin'

This past week we began my final push to both 70.3 and the Ironman World Championships. I started off the week with an Olympic on Sunday and have been plugging along all week with a short (red line effort) splash ‘n dash at the local reservoir. After the Olympic, I noticed that I biked the bike course at Vineman 70.3 FASTER, yes faster than I did this Olympic that was a bit flatter than Vineman. Was I more excited for Vineman and had more riding on it (I had given myself only one opportunity this year to qualify to both Kona and Vegas)? Yes. But did I feel like I was trying SO hard on Sunday and going no where? Absolutely. With this information, coach Mark informed me that I should def be able to go faster in an Olympic than a half, but I think he has a pretty clear understanding of my body and that it is made to go long. Did someone say Ultraman?

So I went to the splash ‘n dash armed with a HR monitor. I haven’t raced with one ever. So it was going to be cool to see if I was actually pushing it. Again, coach seems to think that I don’t usually put myself into pain and that I am WAY too fresh looking coming across the line. Mission accomplished. My HR had a max of 199 and an average for the first mile which was slightly downhill of 181. This may have had something to do with trying to keep up with the top girls in the water, one of whom has been first out of the water in Kona and the other is a Cal stud(ette). I was able to get 3rd in the “open” category AKA women from 18-40 and won the series title for being there consistently at all 3 races and landing on the podium at each. Won a nice gift certificate for a dinner out in Los Gatos and some Cyto Sport product. All in all, a good Thursday night.

You may ask? Aren’t you training for an Ironman? The answer is yes, and the long runs and rides are on deck for this weekend. I will be searching out hot weather to train in and keep hitting the South Bay hills to mimic the immense climbing that is rumored to be in Vegas. Today saw a 20 mile run after work...pesky job gets in the way of all my FUN training. I was able to keep up well below IM hopeful pace until mile 17 when the wheels came off. I am left with 2 huge feet seem to be incapable of going longer than 15 miles without blowing up like a sausage in a microwave. Tonight I compress like a queen and we shall see how fun tomorrow's ride is after the 20 mile sufferfest of today. Thank goodness it'll be on my might be one of those days where suffering is best done alone.

Just a quick update 8 weeks from Kona. On Monday Mark's parents will be visiting us for a week of fun! It's Mark's turn to race and then it's off to have some fun with the rents!

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