Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Only 2 Races to go...How'd That Happen?

Only two races to go. Not just any two races, but THE two biggest races of the season are the only ones left on the calendar. And I still feel like I haven't gotten a proper summer! I'm sitting here on the sofa wondering just how the season has passed by so quickly. There have been countless laps done in the pool, around the track and miles logged on the bike. Is it really almost time to hang it up for the year? ALMOST, but not quite yet! There are only 7 weeks until Kona, and Vegas is even closer just a week and a half away. A girl had better start working :)

I am SO excited for these two races though, Vegas is going to be a girls weekend out, as I'm staying with some super FAST gal pals Jess, Sarah and Mimi. Nothing like sharing the house with some of the biggest competition out there! I am looking froward to meeting Sarah P and the after party that I am SURE to drag the rest of the house too. Is it bad that I'm really looking forward to the after party? I mean it's VEGAS! Better save up some energy...I can see the headline on Slowtwitch now, "1800 triathletes and they all go to bed by 10PM"...Vegas won't get it's monies worth. OK, so back to the focus. I know Mark will read this and think, of course my wife is more focused on the party than the race. Not so I will tell him. I am pumped to race against some of the baddest girls around town and to rip it up in the heat prepping for Kona. Vegas is going to be a great indicator for us all on how we will do in the heat, humidity and pressure of Kona. Then we'll have 5 more weeks to plan for the big dance!

Fast Girl Jess and I in training

So in between now and the middle of October, I am starting to shape up and fly right, as my Grandpa would say. I am cutting back (out will come after Vegas...duh!) the alcohol, focusing on what Mark and I have dubbed "operation sleep". The goal here is for us to get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep per night. I used to be a great slave to this process and somewhere this season have gotten off track. Oh yeah, that's right...there is SO much going on in life and I am having SO much fun that sleep has taken a back seat. Not for the next 7 weeks or so. Just call me Boring Manning. I'm sure this is a large club right about now and I am not alone. I just try to tell my "regular" friends that I'm not that crazy...and that they'll see me again soon. I am also focusing on getting Mark and I the right nutrients at the right time. This can be a bit challenging for someone whose husband would rather eat potatoes and white bread than swiss chard. Just sayin. But we make it work!

Future swimmer in training, niece Fiona

I am also really looking forward to seeing even more family and friends in Kona this year. one of my besties from high school is coming to watch in Kona and my mom and her hubby are making this a part of their annual vacation rotation. Not really a bad place to vacation right? Mark and I plan to go up the coast after and do some serious beach time.


Ryan Knapp said...

Good luck in the Kona training! Saw your tweet and added your blog to my list. Will be sure to follow along and hopefully wish you good luck along the way!

MissFancyPants said...

I am so excited for you! Good luck in Vegas - can't wait to track you and see the race report!