Friday, September 9, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...Triathlon Style

This airplane is full of the usual Vegas crowd, girls wearing birthday girl tiaras, boys getting ready for a raging bachelor party weekend and then you see it: a sprinkling of your not so typical Vegas crew...the compression wearing, fit triathlete.

This year the 70.3 World Championships have moved from Clearwater Beach to Las Vegas. It's also a month earlier than Kona instead of a month after making it the perfect prep for those of us also headed to the Big Dance next month. It's been 100+ for the past week and is now "cooling" down to the 90's. Making it another perfect prep race for Kona. We get to get out in the desert on a potentially windy, hot course. I'm excited!

My co-workers keep asking me if it's really healthy to be out in this kind of weather pushing myself so hard. I tell them my sodium load started already and I should be OK :). I hope to be by the hotel pool alternating nuun and mojitos before Sunday afternoon is up.

I'm also excited to hang with my crew of team mates. These ladies are some of the toughest in the field and all possess an amazing attitude to boot! Who could ask for a better team? As I keep on in triathlon, it seems to keep getting better and better by the year. Not only my results, but I keep meeting more amazing women and these events become so much fun. Not just the race, which is always awesome, but the before and after. Meeting up in Vegas this weekend and in Hawaii next month seeing all of my ladies will be two of the highlights of the year.

I'll be staying with two of the BEST athletes in the 30-34 division Jess S. and Sarah P. I've been training with Jess and am pumped to meet Sarah. I know that these ladies, along with a few other buddies, will push me to new limits come this Sunday and I couldn't be more excited to see the results.

I had a fantastic day at Vineman in July, mentally having a breakthrough. I told myself that I deserved to be at the front and that I needed to do everything possible to stay there. That'll be my mantra for this Sunday's race as well. The season is almost over and for now as all the work is mostly done, I will look back on the seasons successes, all the training that I have put into the bank and get rallied for Sunday!

I have plenty of Nuun to keep me perfectly hydrated for the weekend as well as my speedy speed suit from TYR. The team kit is ready to rock, perfectly matching my trusty steed with it's beautiful and FAST Gray wheels...who said color coordination was't important out on the course? You can take the girl out of fashion, but not the fashion out of the girl (says the gal wearing full compression tights)!

So as the rest of the 6:30AM flight is sipping on cocktails, I will sip my nuun and get ready to rock!