Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Dirty attempt for two Ironman races 8 weeks apart

Now this may not be a true dirty double...I think that is when you race two ironman distances within 4 weeks or less of each other, but still...this will be MY first attempt at racing another ironman within such a short time frame. You see, I've been lucky in that each year I've raced an ironman(always in May), I've qualified for Kona. So I've never raced a third ironman in a season. Am I excited? HELLS yeah I am! But in order to keep that fire in the tummy, I skipped out on a few local races that I just wasn't thrilled about.

But that also means there are lots of unknowns...was my recovery perfect from Los Cabos? Did I do "enough" work to maintain my fitness and more importantly, my speed? I'm also flying into Texas a day later than I normally do in an effort to save vacation days . Which means, will the airplane leg have exited stage left by Saturday morning?

So many things to think about, yet in reality none at all. I have been told by a pal, that this race is a "celebration of my fitness". There is no pressure to qualify for Kona. The only expectations are my own and the only thing I have to lose is a bit of ego if I implode in Sam P Taylor Park or along the streets of the run. Am I still nervous and have that put in my stomach that another ironman looms? Of course...does that ever go away? It's a long way to go and a lot to ask of your body...but I am also SO fired up!

But I'm already giddy at the thought of swimming down the crowded canal and seeing people I know, scream and cheer. It is so special to be able to hear cheers while swimming! And then on the bike, riding through the park is serene. And the run gets downright fun watching the spectators who park themselves on the patios of restaurants and drink while we run...they start to remember you and as they get drunk, the cheers get more awesome.

I'm excited to try to RACE my buns off. Mark is always saying that I don't know how to properly hurt and that I am capable of so much more, but hold myself back to what is comfortable. I always argue that I was plenty uncomfortable, but this is what a coach is for right?

So two days from now, I am going to try to go and race as hard as possible from the previous best on this course is 10:03...SO close to breaking that barrier. I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said that wasn't a goal, so there it is. But, I just want to go out and know that I have raced harder than ever before...and if that doesn't mean breaking 10 or finally getting below a 3:30 on the run then so be it. But I'm gonna bust my rear trying to think "go harder, go harder, pedal faster, run faster"

Hope to see you out there!


MissFancyPants said...

Can't wait to hear about your day!

Stephen Hutch Baguios said...

I love your shades, it reminded me of my Oakley RadarLock sunglasses.