Sunday, May 19, 2013

What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger!

Who sings that song? Hard to know where to begin with Ironman number 8 recap from The Woodlands. Glad I finished, but tried to quit at least three times...hoping my dropping temperature would make the med staff want o pull me off of the course. Not so much, it was more like "suck it up buttercup! Welcome to Texas party people!!". But let's back it up a bit to the beginning shall we?

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Race eve...slept like dog doo, normally I don't sleep awesome and I believe anyone that tells you they sleep well the night before a race is full of it-but there are normally a few good hours in there. Not so much this time. And what did I have to be nervous about? Nada, right? I still had big expectations for myself and I have had 7 wonderful Ironman experiences, the shoe had to drop at some point right? Not every race can be puppies pooping rainbows? Well glad we got that over with, now good race streak, please come back to me PRONTO!

Pre swim nutrition: cereal, banana, almond butter, cytomax, OSMO pre-load and one gel: 800kcals
TYR/Cytosport Swim: 1:04:22, 2nd AG/12th amateur
I saw the swim time, and was hoping for better, but after seeing the vast majority of bikes still in transition and later looking at all of the splits, am A-OK with what that time and it set me up for a great bike. The swim was much more physical for me than it has been in years past and a few rogue arm strokes by dudes next to me saw my goggles try to take up residency in my eye socket. Owie!! I remember thinking to myself, the water is refreshing, enjoy it while you can, this is the last time for the next xx hours that you will not be roasting! Into T1 stocked up on my nutrition and was outta there and onto the bike!

Bike Nutrition: 1 gel in T1, 6 bags cytomax energy chews, 3scoops cytomax, 1coke, 2gels:
1890kcal/335/hour based on actual ride time
Thank you Outrival Racing for the Pic!
Argon18/Gray Bike: 6:01:37 actual time...ride time was 5:34:15... I stopped at two med stations and had a coke at one and sat in the ambulance at the first getting my stats checked. Miles 1-50 were pretty good, I was fueling well, eating like I always do, every 15 minutes. On pace for a low 5's bike. It was harder to eat than normal, the alarm would go off and I would think to myself, Seriously again?!! I just ate and I don't want any more...but I forced it down as I know that not eating is NEVER the answer in that situation. And then kind of all of the sudden, I was slowing down and hot! It got hot fast yesterday and the humidity was crazy. I normally do well int he heat but I was roasting! (side note, i was hot the night before as well) So around mile 80 after I had been passed by a few gals (but not many...this should have been my clue that it was a struggle for ALL) I stopped and had my temperature taken. It was down to 95.1 and the EMT said it was my call. So I decided to get some water and see how it went. This after trying to dial a husband and see what he would do...please tell me to call it a day! Good thing he didn't answer and either did the gal I was staying with who is an ER doc. So I told myself to just finish the bike and see how transition is. When I would actually ride, I would make up ground on other women but I just couldn't stay focused. Nothing really hurt, but I couldn't get the HR back up and was just struggling. So after 112 on the bike, I grabbed my gear and headed out onto the run.

Run nutrition: 1 gel in T2, and from here on out a rolling buffet...Popsicle, coke every aid station, chips as the day progressed, oranges, grapes, watermelon with salt, 2 idea on kcal count
Smith Run: real time 4:38:01 moving time 4:25:39
Again a bit o stopping here, once at an aid station and a few times to talk to Sonja, Morgan, and really anyone who would listen to my woes. And then I thought to myself, "really Hailey? One of your best friends sister has cancer, a family member also is having surgery to prevent cancer from developing and you're out here complaining about an ironman? Time to get over your pity party of one and just grit your teeth!". And so I vowed to finish, knowing that I would be far off of my "normal" race outcome, and having not been able to race to my capabilities and expectations. In the words of my sometimes callous, but always realistic husband..."oh well!". Life goes on, and there is much more to life than an ironman in Texas that I crapped the bed at. AND, I had told colleagues when to expect me to finish and I knew my mom was glued to Ironman live waiting for me to cross the finish line so she could see I was ok. It tends to concern them when they see 16min mile splits on the run.

Super Supporter Sonja!
So, you may be taking, what now? Nope, coach has it all under control, no massive changes in store. I was trying to be sure I had "enough" training between Cabo and Texas and maybe there was too much training and not enough rest. I fiddled with my taper a bit and this may be the cause. So no super analyzing going on, to be honest I think that I was having a crap day and I gave into it mentally. Had I not stopped and just plodded along, I would have finished an hour ahead of where I did...that's just taking out my stops on the side of the road not projecting what I "could have done" on the day. I'm a bit, OK, a lot disappointed in that. That on a tough day, I was unable to reassure myself that everyone was having a crap day and that if I just kept moving, I would have likely had an OK day. This type of mental failure hasn't happened since 70.3 New Orleans in as Sonja said, maybe these things happen to humble us and to remind us to take nothing for granted. Duly noted.

Two very important items
All that reading and I just now gave you my learning?!! Sorry it took so long.

Next up is a BREAK- Mark and I will have our 4th anniversary this Thursday before I fly out for a trip to Ohio this weekend to see a family friend get married, see my parents, and hang with a few friends. I think it's gonna be a good week! Then we'll get back into some training in prep for Vineman, and then Kona! What an exciting summer coming up.


Beth said...

It's certainly disappointing when we have one of those days but we ALL have them and it's just a great thing it didn't happen on a day when you NEEDED the Kona slot or at Kona itself! :) Way to just get through it!!!

Happy anniversary and enjoy your time in Ohio!! Wave to us in PA while you're over here! :) said...

Hah, I totally have done the maybe the medics will decide I have to drop out and then it won't be my fault thing.

it sounds like it was rough mentally. it happens. you'll do better next time.

goSonja said...

I think what probably prevented you from just realizing everyone was in the same boat was that you came into the race not chasing a slot or placing, but chasing a number. I think if you had been chasing a slot you would have had a better idea of everyone else's suffering and been able to modify your expectations.
The races where all goes perfect are not the ones we learn from. It's these ones. And something that a lot of people told me when I had a rough race is that even though it feels to you like you gave up, you didn't, you pushed on in the face of quitting. That's the definition of not giving up.

Moe said...

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have you here, to see you complete that bear of a race, and, well, to miss your phone call ;-)
You persevered through some tough stuff Saturday. What a victory!

Steve said...

Thank you for continuing to inspire me to push my boundaries, for teaching me perspective and for writing my Wildflower Race report for me. Not to worry, I'll change all the names before I post it.

hailey said...

Thank you ALL for the support and letting me know I'm not all on my own on this one!

shwetha hariharan said...

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jameson said...

shitty days happen.. plain and simple. you are looking at it the right way. good luck with the summer racing!

yadhav said...

That's really cool buddy.....Obviously the lady was logical.


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