Monday, March 12, 2012

Denver and a New Bike Fit!

Downtown Denver All Lit Up

This past week, I had the pleasure of going to Denver for a work conference.  I posted that I would be there and fellow 30-34'er Sonja agreed to meet up with me for a glass of wine!  Then when I couldn't get my booty out of bed at 5AM Colorado time which was 4AM CA time, she agreed to meet for a run instead...with a big work dinner coming after the conference, a girl had to get her run on!  Now I had only brought clothes for an indoor session as I had planned on an o'dark thirty run, not a run at 4PM in the Denver sunshine. Well, Sonja proved to be the hostess with the mostest and brought me three different outfit choices for varying temperature conditions!  What a gal.  I chose my weapons and we were out the door and running along the creek in Downtown Denver. we wound our way through the old homes and although there was still snow on the ground in places, it wasn't much different than running at home in the mornings.  46 is 46, pretty much anywhere you are!

Sonja and I under the Big Blue Bear

After getting home on Friday, it was 70 and sunny out so I HAD to put on my team kit and hit the road for a ride.  Why is is that even though it was warm out, I still took a jacket with me?!!  That and I have to protect my scar from even seeing the sun for as long as possible, so I ride with a sweat band or other cover over my scar and under my helmet...looking like a huge goober superstar I am sure.  But I am determined to not end up with a scar! 

Sunday was bike fit funday with coach/hubby Mark.  As I have mentioned here before, Mark is doing some stage racing this year and this includes time trialing...not to be confused with riding a Triathlon bike Triathlete's are nerds and cyclist are just SO cool.  The GOOD part about Mark doing some stage races including time trialing, is that he has been reading up on TT/Tri specific bike fit and with the delivery of the New Argon, I was due for my annual fit.  We finally found some time in the day yesterday after workouts were done, houses had been looked at and got it done.  We were aiming to open up my hip angle more to provide more power and encourage my non running muscles so that when I get off the bike I am fresh as a daisy and ready to run 26.2! 

We only have one laser right now, but Mark has already asked for another thing you know we are going to be a certified fit studio at Casa De Manning...

With my fit done, I am TOTALLY getting excited to race!  Race #1 will be March 31st either in the Beautiful Caribbean at Tri Star Nevis or at Oceanside....have to decide...friends or gorgeous warm weather?  TBD


Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

love the new bike! i might get the same one... i'm debating btwn the argon and blue similar model... let

MissFancyPants said...

Isn't it fun to go out of town and now you have virtual friends to run bike swim or just have a drink? Bike looks awesome

hailey said...

Heidi I had the 114 last year and have already done some solid riding on the is bomber!! Fit is just right for me and I can really feel my power :)

Heather, next up need to ride with you!!! Then have some of your delish food!

goSonja said...

We had such a wonderful little run. I'm so glad that it all worked out and made your work trip just a little more bearable.