Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving On Up!

This past week, I decided to make a leap of faith and move up to the 1:25 LCM lane at masters.  Now, I haven't moved up a lane since high school so this was a BIG deal.  I don't even lead the 1:30 lane when I'm in it so making the decision wasn't the obvious choice.  But I had decided that it was time.  I have started swimming 3 times a week this season as opposed to two that I have been doing for years.  Everybody says to get faster in the water you MUST swim more.  This has been a tough thing to convince Coach of...see he isn't a triathlon coach by nature, he comes to us from biking.  And the though process there is that you must go FASTER to get faster not necessarily go MORE often.  We are not fans of gratuitous volume in this house, quality has always trumped quantity and so far, so good.  But, I knew that in order to improve in the water, and let's be honest- my good but not GREAT swim needs to get faster if my goal for this season is going to materialize.  So here I sat swimming three high quality sessions a week at Stanford Masters usually at the back of the bus in the 1:30 lane.

 But then I thought to myself...I don't need ALL this rest! Yes, the days that we do ANYTHING on cruise or Go forbid -5, (1:20/100M) I am going to get to the wall sounding like a dying animal suffer and likely have to swim one/rest one for a while. But this is OK as we are trying to get faster, so I do need to swim faster. And I have no shame sitting on the wall for a 50/100 regaining consciousness in order to prep for the next round. But for the other sets where we are doing +5 or 10, I am doing OK, still sounding like a bit of a dying animal and thinking in my head that this is just crazy but I think the correct motto is FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!

So not that you need inspiration to get up and get moving or even to get faster, as I know we are ALL driven folks trying to be OUR best each and every workout. But just in case, next time you are thinking "jeeze if only"...get out there and DO something about it!
In other news, the gash on my forehead is healing up beautifuly and I think it will end up being a very minimal scar, but just in case I have an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist tomorrow. Hopefully she will give me the scar be gone potion and not just to apply Vitamie E like I have been doing!
Working hard and getting excited that race season is almost here!!


Beth said...

Yeah for moving on up!!! I'm sure it will pay off big!

hailey said...

Thanks Beth!! Need to become a super fish!

Katie said...

Awesome for moving on up!!! Swimming is such a small portion of our races, but I saw huge dividends last year from swimming more & doing more challenging intervals. I am also super jealous of your pool :)

hailey said...

it is a gorgeous pool! now if i can jsut get down the lane faster it'll be even cooler!