Monday, March 19, 2012

Racing Fools in April

This past week I FINALLY finalized my pre-Ironman Texas race schedule.  I won an entry into Tri-Star Nevis, and coach had agreed that I could go if booked with miles.  SCORE!  But I would be on my own as he is deep in racing mode himself and couldn't scoot away for a min Caribbean vacay at the end of the month.  SO after much heeming and hawing, I decided to just go with my original plan which was to do New Orleans 70.3 on April 22.  Will you be there?

First up though, I plan to tackle the new HITS series Olympic on April 15th up in Napa.  This is doubly exciting as my BFF KC will be racing her first triathlon since baby numero uno came over three years ago.  Goodness how time flies.  She's had another baby since then and is ready to get back into the swing of things.  Nothing makes me happier than racing with one of the ladies who I started out my triathlon career with.  We will gab, we will talk, we will celebrate each other...Girls weekend please!!  And wine tasting afterwards is always an enticing option.

I was initially disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to race Oceanside or Nevis, then thought well that is OK, I will be able to finish off the month with a strong block of training and then get the engine ready for April.  New Orleans is one of my fave races, even though I've only done it one other time and remember vividly the bike course where it was so windy I was smiling screaming out loud I was so angry about the adverse conditions and how I LOVE to champion adversity that I have decided I must have a rematch!  I had a great experience there and love the heat.  I ended up with a ticket to 70.3 Worlds from this race in 2009 and I am hoping to have a repeat performance there next month.  Next month?!!  Good lord, how did the first quarter of the year go by so quickly.

So in preparation I spent the last weekend training with Jess and coach Mark...super exciting since he is usually riding with his boyfriends at the weekend having "man" time.  Jess was exposed to one of our inside jokes while watching Milan San Remo live...causing her to say she was in the middle of a Manning sandwich!  "Do you know Johnathan Louder?  Johnathan Who?  I SAID Johnathan LOUDER!!!"  yes, we are just that cool nerdy.

So Jess and I spent the weekend swim, bike (indoor) riding, TRXIng and running.  It was so much fun, I was in desperate need of Monday Maintenance, chiro and massage all in the same day.  Now that combined with the tacos I have simmering make it Monday FUNDAY!!

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