Saturday, April 21, 2012

DU'ing in Southern Style, NOLA 67.1

I left sunny CA on Friday morning excited to get to NOLA for some heat, racing and good friends. Well, all three showed up just a bit differently than I was expecting! The weather had been amazing here in the south until last night when while many others were sleeping, I was putting my bike together via phone chat with super supporter hubby Mark. As a side, I think I will be using tri bike transport from here on out...that was 2 hours of my life that I would like back please! While putting the machine together, it started thundering, lightning and then what's that noise? Oh yes, that would be a torrential down pour. That continued for a while and when I woke up it wasn't raining but it didn't look good. I got in 15 minutes on my bike before it started to come down again. Ok, gear check it is...back to the hotel room and we'll try again later for a last little shake out taper. By the time I took my bike to the transition area, the swim had been officially canceled and leaving the bikes overnight was no longer mandatory. Score! I got my baby out of transition so I could get everything dialed in the night before rather than doing everything race morning when nerves are high and there are people everywhere. The winds had picked up and they are calling for 25-30 MPH "steady" wind from the North. I think this means it's going to be mostly cross winds and head wind on the way out. The self talk began today, knowing that the speed won't be what we are all used to at least one direction and I need to keep that in mind and not get down. The last time I was here in 2009 it was also very windy and my self talk was no bueno and I think I actually yelled at the wind at one point. Note to self, be one with the weather, don't push against it! Originally I was rooming with a bestie but she got sick and this left me all on my own. I've never been to a race before where I am staying by myself, renting the car on my own...this is serious business. I had to schlep my bike all over two airports. Where's my Sherpa?!! It has definitely meant a very relaxing and follow my own schedule kind of day but I am definitely ready to party with my girls tomorrow! A little race action followed up with some burgers and dairy queen. Every race deserves a bit of a reward after and Dairy Queen is my go to and Sarah has requested burgers. I'm not going to argue with the girl, this sounds like a perfect post race meal. Goal for tomorrow's 2 mile run, 52 mile bike and 13.1 mile run? Well, you'll have to check back Monday to see if I achieved it!

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