Friday, April 13, 2012

Race Time, already?!!

So it's the day before the FIRST race of the season and tomorrow is the HITS Napa Olympic.  I am so excited to blow out the cobb webbs and see what the winter of work playing with Jess has done for my fitness.  At the same time, I am aksing myself really?  we are already to race season?  How did it get here so quickly?  I don't even have a tan yet!  While all winter long we have been praying for race season to get here so that we can get a picture of what life will be like this season. 

I am also looking forward to seeing if taking 7 weeks off of running after Kona was a good decision.  When I first went back to running, I thiought it was a very BAD decision, but as I have gotten back into it, I am finding myself faster than ever before...can I bring that run tomorrow?  I have a goal in mind for tomorrow and I will update on Sunday if I was able to achieve it....too scary to say what it is and then be disappointed if it doens't materialize.

I am finding myself a bit nervous, like I have never done this before.  I have my standard  packing list on my iPAD and used it but was double and triple checking to make sure that I had everything, OK 3 of everything that I could possibly need.  I am psyched to get this type A first race of the season routine out of the way as next week, I'm travelling to 70.3 New Orleans and don't need to be carting half of my clothing drawer to NOLA!

I am extremely lucky in that one of my BFF's is doing the "open" race tomorrow and this is her first race apres babies...can't wait to see her have some fun!  I had the pleasure of working out of my company's Napa office today and it is always so nice to be up here, the hills, the fog in the morning, the WINE!  I promise to only have one glass tonight. 

So tomorrow is race day and then Jess and I will head over to hang with friends and BBQ in the Napa sun.  Sunday the HITS series is putting on a full iron distance tri and I think I will try to ride th course while Jess races the swim/bike portion for a good training day.  And then?  As if the weekend wasn't super jam packed already, my neice is turning two and we are having a pizza and ice cream themed party for her.  So pizza Friday becomes pizza Sunday. Just say YES! to weekly gluten indulgences.

You may be wondering about my super sherpa/coach/husband Mark.  He is also off at the races this weekend.  He's trekking Chico where he'll be racing another stage race and channeling his inner Spartacus (Fabian Cancellara) on the TT stage.  Thank goodness he's rocking the Argon18!

So I'll spend the rest of the day nuun'ing it up, eating and keeping the feet up as much as is possible while working!

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MissFancyPants said...

You are going to do great! i can't wait to hear about it :) - I also can't wait to hear about the HITS races, been thinking of them.